As a congregation challenged, comforted and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we strive to be deeply committed to the worship of God, to mission and service to all those in need, and, to the Christian Education of all ages. To the glory of God and by the grace of God: This is our present witness. This is our present call.

About Us 

Our congregation was founded in 1863, and has been serving the people of Mineral Ridge ever since. We welcome anyone who wishes to worship, learn, and serve with us. 

Our History 
Our Vision is Realistic

Our Mission is Simple

Make a Difference Today

Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we joyfully strive to create a community of faith that welcomes and nurtures all who seek to experience God's love and grace. With this as our mission, we willingly choose to develop a fellowship through which we will no longer be strangers, but friends in Christ.